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Awareness for the environment has been a key topic for our generation, therefore it is our responsibility to save the limited resources for future generations. The answer is "Solar Power", we now have the opportunity to cut global warming pollution, reduce energy costs for homes and businesses and create new...

Hollandia Power panels are approved for DEWA Shams Dubai
Rooftop Solar Program
Our latest technology Lithium Ion batteries with built-in control board available now from Hollandia Power as well as our official dealers
Hollandia Power is celebrating its 15th anniversary next year!
Anniversary editions for Hollandia Power products following soon

Hollandia Power offers the best technology available in the market

Solar Modules

Hollandia Power offers a wide range of Solar Modules for all kinds of solutions. Our


We offer sealed maintenance free, rechargeable, lead acid batteries. By using strong grip and specifically

Charge Controllers

Our charge Controllers are suitable for virtually any DC Charging Source. The advanced MPP-Tracking algorithm


Hollandia Power specializes in both off-grid inverters as well as grid-tied inverters. We keep the

LED Lighting Solutions

Change to LED! Did you know that LEDs consume less than one-third of the energy

Solar Refrigerators & Freezers

Solar refrigerators and freezers, to be used on AC as well as DC power. For


We are end to end complete solar solutions provider. One stop shop, where we design, supply, install and maintain;
Pioneers in the Solar Solutions industry;
Team of dedicated professionals to cater to your needs and who offer you world class service; Hollandia Power works closely with associated