LED Tube Lights
Change to LED by changing your current tube lights to LED tube lights! This will not only last longer, but will consume up to 50% less energy with higher LUX levels.
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Product Details


  • 90° rotatable end cap
  • High efficiency,high CRI & high PF
  • Aluminium alloy body with good heat sink ability
  • Safe isolated driver against over current & voltage


Enclosure Dimensions


  • Power :- 10W, 20W, 24W
  • Lumens :- 900±100lm, 1800±100lm, 2200±100lm
  • Color Temperatures :- Warm White, Nature White, Pure White
  • Length :- 0.6M, 1.2M, 1.5M
  • Life Time :- 30000 hours


Material safety datasheet


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