Aviation Light
This LED aviation obstacle light can be put anywhere upon any obstacle to show presence in the landscape. Because this light is a stand-alone system, there is no need for cables to run down the obstacle which can save a lot of costs involved. The lights are maintenance free and easy to install.
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Product Details


  • Light Source Life :- 100,000 hours
  • Working environment :- -40C  ~ 70C
  • The use of :- H ≤ 90 meters (H for building object height)
  • Lights browser NW :- 2kg


Enclosure Dimensions


  • Working Voltage: DC12V
  • Power consumption: 5W
  • Flash frequency: 20-60 times / min
  • Optically Controlled sensitivity :- 50-300lux
  • Effective light intensity :- red: 200cd, white:1600cd
  • Dimension :- 300mm × 160mm high
  • Chassis installation :- 120mm pitch circle diameter of 150mm are 4 hole cloth x 8mm diameter


Material safety datasheet


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