Gen 4 Advanced MPPT Solar Inverter
The latest edition to our TL Inverter range.
The 4th Generation Inverter with an astonishing 12 unit parallel capability built in as standard,
high PV input voltage, WiFi option and much more is now available with 
the most competitive price in the market.
Make sure to get yours installed!
Our range includes 2.5Kw - 3.5KW - 5.5KW and 6.2KW.
All have the unique favorable MPPT operating voltage window starting from just 60V!
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Product Details


The 4th Generation Inverters come with all the lastest perks that you would expect from us.
- Parallel up to 12 units (for the 5.5KW)
- WiFi
- 2.5KW - 3.5KW - 5.5KW - 6.2KW
- Wide MPPT Voltage operating window starting from 60V
- European Technology
- High PV Input Voltage (500Vdc)
- Built in MPPT 100A
- Pure Sinewave TL less
- Low weight
- Wall mounted
- Dust filter 
- Works with and without battery

Enclosure Dimensions


The 4th Generation comes with a built in parallel kit as standard. So no more seperate parallel kits. 

MPPT operating voltage starting at 60V up to 450V. Extra wide range.


Material safety datasheet


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Awareness for the environment has been a key topic for our generation, therefore it is our responsibility to save the limited resources for future generations.

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