Chest Type Refrigerators & Freezers

Hollandia solar provides several kinds of chest type solar refrigerators and freezers. For home use as well as professional use with the lid cover placed on top for easy access. Just like all our products these freezers are easy to use, maintenance free, highly efficient and environment friendly.

Available in various sizes.

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Product Details


  • Direct connect to 12V or 24V DC or connect to AC with AC/DC adaptor.
  • Anti-discharge protection for battery.
  • Fully hermetic compressor with integrated control electronics.
  • Low-voltage protection, adjustable for consumer or starter battery by means of electronics.
  • Electronic fuse/automatic reverse pole protection.
  • Aluminium tube on sheet evaporator
  • Built-in fan ventilation system

Enclosure Dimensions


  • Capacity : 20L, 45L, 70L, 128L, 170L, 188L, 238L & 318L
  • Voltage : DC 12V, DC 24V or AC with adaptor
  • Average Power consumption : 72W
  • Weight : 42kg & 47kg
  • Temperature : Adjustable up to -18°C in +30°C ambient temperatures


Material safety datasheet


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