Carbon Fast Charging Technology

This top of the range Carbon Battery is equipped with Hollandia's Fast Charging Technology. The battery can leverage higher charging voltage and are suitable for high amperage charging set ups allowing you to charge your battery in 60% less time than conventional methods. Just like the normal Carbon batteries, these Carbon Technology batteries use carbon to improve performance of conducting electrodes. This enhances efficiency with less sulfation and corrosion increasing the number of cycles and allowing for a deeper depth of discharge DOD.

This latest version of Carbon Technology patented by Hollandia® contains higher density Carbon plates which allow for the highest efficiency in conducting electrodes, resulting in higher performance and shelve life.

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Product Details


  • Fast charging capabilities
  • Up to 60% shorter charging times
  • Extra Life Cycles - High Density Carbon plates
  • Fully certified
  • Unique European energy storage technology
  • Sealed, Leakage and Maintenance Free
  • CARBON electrolyte - Patented Technology
  • Can be kept in any position
  • Terminals in front for easy connection
  • Durable and sustainable with extra long cycles
  • 2 year warranty
  • Deep discharge up to 80%
  • Includes Unique warranty card
  • Packed Individually

Enclosure Dimensions


  • Range :- 12V/150AH - 12V/260Ah
  • High Voltage through High Amperage Chargers 
  • Operating Temperature Range :- -30°C ~ 60°C
  • Certification :- ISO9001:2000 & UL
  • Patented Technology V2.0


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