The new generation Lithium Ion batteries of Hollandia have arrived.
Enjoy long life lithium ion batteries that are maintenance free and are equirpped with built in protection. 
The ON/OFF button and LED indicators make it very user friendly. 

Now available in 12.8V and 25.6V for both 12V and 24V systems.
Simplify your solar system to make it last longer.
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  • Long Life Batteries
  • Detachable ABS case 
  • Built in BMS
  • Integrated protective features OVP, LVP, OCP, OTP, LTP, Short circuit protection
  • Bluetooth (Optional)

Enclosure Dimensions


12.8V - 100AH
1280 Wh energy 
12 KG
Drop in replacement
Equal to 12V-200AH capacity lead acid batteries (Considering 100% DOD vs 50% DOD)


Material safety datasheet


Complete Customer Satisfaction

Awareness for the environment has been a key topic for our generation, therefore it is our responsibility to save the limited resources for future generations.

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