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LED Lighting Solutions

Change to LED! Did you know that LEDs consume less than one-third of the energy that older light techniques use. LED lights can be implemented together with solar systems, but can also be replaced into current fittings so they run on AC and save large amounts on your electricity bill. Hollandia Power is the official and exclusive manufacturer of Q-LED lighting.

Aviation light

This LED aviation obstacle light can be put anywhere upon any obstacle

High Bay Lights

For lighting up your workshop, factory, highway checkpoint, exhibition center, gym, warehouse,

Street Lights

Q-LED offers a vast range of high performance solar LED street lights.

Solar LED Flood Lights

The very bright Cree LED flood lights are ideal for lighting up

Solar Garden lights

Hollandia Power's product line offers a great variety of Solar Garden lights.

Solar Landscape Lights

This contemporary designed stand-alone system offers very bright LUX levels. The high