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Off-grid Inverters

Our experience in off-grid systems has given us expertise in off-grid inverters.

Hollandia Power inverters offer the latest technology, including inverters with built-in MPPT charge controller to enhance overall efficiency.

To celebrate Hollandia Power's third anniversary next year, our inverters come in a new anniversary editions. Different colours and designs for the inverters with and without MPPT charge controllers.

Available from our official distributors soon!

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  • Specification
  • All our inverters come with Maximum efficiency of at least 98%
  • Class-leading CEC efficiency of 98%
  • Superior MPP tracking with OptiTrac™
  • Transformerless, with H5 topology
  • Integrated DC disconnect
  • Wave Form: Sinusoidal
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: < 3% (linear loads)
  • Mains Output: 230V +/- 5%  110 V +/- 5%
  • Frequency Regulation: 50 Hz/ 60 Hz +/- .05 Hz
  • Crest Factor: > 4:1